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Our joint Rakujo and NeNoDa hugging day in the park was such a resounding success! I feel like our teams are much stronger together now.

I got many hugs and hearty pats on the back. But the best one of the day was the victory one I had with Kentarou at the end.

Thank you if anyone came down to see us! I hope that we improved your day and infused you with energy and enthusiasm! I feel like our teams can take on anything now.
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My helpful pancakes this morning showed my feelings towards my exam yesterday. Minami, I ate the sad pancake and only gave you happy ones! I hope they cheered you up.
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I bought more toilet paper today - I had finally gotten down to the last couple of rolls from my last restock!

Storing toilet paper underneath the sink in my room because I've run out of room in my wardrobe, such whimsy ha ha ha!
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I've been playing very well lately! I feel like my tennis levels are only improving. I have high hopes for this winter tournament, the first day of matches feels good.

Zaizen-kun! Let's have a good series of matches together.
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As we head into the Christmas season and the New Year, I find myself ruminating over a troublesome teammate. I'm very concerned that something might be wrong with him and I believe in helping people so some advice on what I could do would be greatly appreciated.

I thought it might just be that he wasn't feeling welcomed in the team, so I did some team building exercises like Kentarou suggested to me and they just got worse. Combined practices with NeNoDa has been helpful but I can't trouble Kentarou all the time, he has his own responsibilities.

He seems to really like lists though, so I will present the facts in one in the hopes that it makes things clear.

Some of the troublesome behaviour I've observed:

1. I noticed his thighs were burning one day, so I offered to put sunscreen on them. Before I could do it though, he yanked my pants and pulled them down in front of the whole team.

2. Sometimes when I'm telling the team what to do next, he stands and throws tennis balls at me.

3. During the training camp, I tried to get him awake extra early for team breakfast. He pretended that he was dead.

4. He regularly assigns himself 100 laps around the university when I suggest doing team building exercises.

5. When Kentarou gave him a mikan during one of our combined training sessions, he took it and did everything he asked. But when I gave him a mikan, he ate it and then went and stared at a wall.

6. One day I suggested we do a puzzle ring to build team spirit and he asked to go drown himself in the shower.

7. I tried to ring his mobile number to check that he was getting home safely one night after a late practice. But instead got connected to a late night adult talk line. So instead I tried following him and got kicked in the face by NeNoDa’s Hirakoba. Hirakoba apologised to me at our next shared practice but Zaizen just stood in the background and stared at me while eating mikans.

8. I tried to have a private conversation with him in the locker room storage closet to find out what was troubling him but he mimed strangling himself with a spare tennis net and refused to talk to me.

I'm extremely concerned, I feel like my teammate may be very troubled. And if there's anything that my old coach Banji taught me, it was to always support everyone and try to help. Does anyone have any advice?

Kentarou, I miss your steady presence and guidance in my life more than ever. And I appreciate your hard work as my captain every day.
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I have a confession to make.

Today, I used some of my birthday money from my parents to treat myself. I was going to save it, but I found the most perfectly coloured green and yellow blanket and I had to buy it. It wasn't even on sale! It was new stock. But it's now on the end of my bed and my feet are feeling much warmer now because of it.

Kentarou, forgive me.
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Yesterday batteries were 40% off for the packs of 30. Kentarou, we will never run short of AA batteries now! Perhaps I could use them to power some kind of accessory for my Halloween costume.

I bought it in secret on sale last week and I've been hiding it most skillfully from Kentarou because it's a surprise.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of our dorm companions around at Halloween. Hopefully we don't scare you, ha ha.

ooc: Today, Minami and Higashikata made pancakes and left a plate of them outside everyone's door in Momo Hall. There was also a card thanking them for their support and hoping to get along with them better. All the cards were personally addressed and had Minami and Higashikata's names written at the bottom with furigana ;_;
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I didn't have time to put hair gel in this morning and my hair now feels like baby duck hair.

I hate it.
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